Modern Sherlock by Grav Labs Review


Published: 09/02/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


Let's roll back the fancy stuff for a second. Everyone (alright, I) can appreciate the big bongs, the latest scientific hyperpercolating contraption, the most intricately fumed bubblers. But just because you appreciate them, doesn't mean they always fit your taste - it can look tacky to lug around a flamboyant hand pipe, and it isn't always convenient to pull out a massive, towering water pipe just for a smoke after work. Tobacco smokers the world over have long recognized the utility and class of simple, reserved smoking pipes, bringing us the legendary tobacciana of meerschaum pipes and elegant sherlocks.

Grav Labs is bringing back the refined profile and palette of the classic tobacco sherlocks, in a sleek and ergonomic glass pipe perfectly suited for the modern smoker. The shape of the pipe is evocative of classic sherlocks, but more compact, with a tight arch that allows you to cover the carb hole comfortably with your thumb without contorting your hand, and keeping your grip on the glass sturdy as you smoke.

But how does it smoke?

I think experienced pipe connoissuers will find this sherlock to be right up their alley. The mouthpiece tapers down into a tight funnel, delivering the focused stream pipe smokers are familiar with. With a fairly direct airflow from bowl to mouth, you'll be getting pretty warm hits, so bong smokers may find smoking from the Modern Sherlock to be a slightly harsher experience than they're used to, but I can tell you from experience that the adjustment period is worth it. There's something simply irreplaceable about a good, clean, classy sherlock, and smoking out of one as carefully crafted as what Grav Labs delivers brings smoking back to its roots.

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