Mini Silicone Dab Rig Review


Published: 08/26/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


“A silicone dab rig?” I thought to myself, “Surely this is a joke!” Turns out, it’s no joke at all. Defying all expectation of unwieldiness and mediocrity, the Mini Silicone Dab Rig finally brings portability and convenience to the sometimes harrowing life of an everyday dabber. Hard to clean rig? Not when you can take the top off and give it a wash down. Vulnerable joints that might crack under heat? Silicone asks, “what’s a crack?” Breakable pipe that’s easy to drop? Hah! Try breaking THIS one! Can’t find your concentrate container? It’s built into the bottom of your pipe, buddy! Lose your dabber when you need it most? Not when it slots right into the base of your rig, you won’t. They really did think of everything when it comes to this little dabber, as unbelievable as it sounds. If you’re the type to carry your rig with you, there’s even a small silicone loop you can hook a lanyard through for easy carry, for your trips to the festival. This miniature dabber is a big player on the field of concentrate, and it comes with a titanium nail, metal dabber, and silicone container hidden in the base of the pipe.

But how does it smoke?

Come on. You know just looking at it this thing is a gem. There’s one thing that makes a perfect dabber - crisp, brief filtration. The ephemeral vapors of legal concentrate are powerful, but delicate. To get the most out of a dab, you want a brief, brisk exchange through water, to subtly chill the evaporated concentrate and whisk away whatever small amount of combusted material might be present. Anything longer makes the vapor go stale, and that just ruins your dab! So, contrary to pipes for dry herb, the ideal dab rig has simple filtration, a low water level, and gets the smoke to you ASAP. That is precisely what this mini silicone dab rig does, so you can be sure you’re getting only the freshest hits off this one.

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