Mellow Yellow Extract Review


Published: 08/08/2013

by Sto Nedagain


Strain: Mellow Yellow


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis-Sativa 100% Sativa


Extract Type: Honeycomb/CrumbleMellow yellow is a nice sativa and makes for a nice concentrate.


Pain Killing Effect: 5


Sleep Aid: 3


Anti-Depressant: 9


Nausea aid: 10


Hunger aid: 3


All around potency, overall effects: When I test this I use a Titanium nail and a cooking torch to heat it up. I think this is the way to get the most effect with the smallest of uses. (There will be terms I will not use anymore, due to what has been going on in Garden Grove, CA.) They have recently shut down all the medical dispensaries leaving us patients with no medicine or having to go back to cartel drug dealers, to get our medicine. Most patients who have talked to me have started to cry, not knowing where they will get their meds, and very scared to buy from cartels and/or drug dealers. This is what the system has made us do..? I don’t understand it. I am mentioning these topics in this article because, the “DABIING” bars are what started the shut down and the so called eyesore to citizens, which caused a court case in in Riverside Co. In the city of riverside V. Inland Empire Patients’ Health and wellness center, Case No. S198638. This ruling affirmed the right of cities to enact bans on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. The people who signed the notice to Cease Operations was Susan Emery Director of Community Development and Chief Kevin Raney, Garden Grove Police Department, thus Garden Grove has been ordered to shut down all Co-Ops. This has done nothing to stop me from getting my meds but from the time i first started writing this article many different delivery services are being robbed at gunpoint. Sadly this is what has happened, prior to this new law, there was 0 cases of any violence in Orange County, involving legitimate Medical marijuana Clinics. Everyone at hearts goes out to the patients who are harmed by this senseless nonsense. One Love ~Sto Nedagain.