Medicated Rice Crispy Treats Recipe


Published: 07/25/2015

by Cheryl


Medicated Rice Crispy Treats

Rice-Crispy Treats An Old Time Favorite with a Twist...


Many bloggers on cannabis websites have indulging recipes that include just about any average dish, treat and/or drinks. This medibles recipe was created when I saw that someone on social media did it wrongly. After seeing the ricecrispy destruction my friend created, I decided to try it myself, all thanks to Cannabutter (and my friends mistake).

Items Necessary for Cooking


-Large Saucepan

-Wooden Spoon

-13x9 Baking Dish (Buttered)

FYI- For the buttered pan section, I would try using the coating of some Cannabutter!!! ENJOY




-4 Tbs. Cannabutter

-1 Bag Large Marshmallows

-6 Cups Rice-Krispy Cereal (or Splurge with using Cocoa-Crispy Cereal)

-1 Bag (12-oz.) Chocolate Chips (or use, White Chocolate, Butterscotch or Peanut Butter Chips)


-Place Cannabutter in Large Saucepan over Low Heat until melted, after butter melts add the entire bag of Marshmallows and cover entirely. Add 6 cups Crisp cereal right away to melted Cannabutter and Marshmallows, COVER COMPLETELY IN THE MIXTURE, add the bag of desired chips, whether chocolates or peanut butter, stirring until melted. Quickly start smashing down the mixture to level in the 13X9 buttered pan.