LSD : Strain Review


Published: 02/14/2012

by Sto Nedagain


LSD Strain Review

Name of Strain: LSD

Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis- Sativa Dominant Hybrid (Mazar x Skunk #1), closely related to the strains used to create Jack Herer. Seed Breeder: Barneys Farm, Amsterdam


Appearance to the Naked Eye: Very Multi Colored calyxes, I picked up shades of forest green, light green to white calyxes, all with an enormous frosting of thick stalked trichomes that turn each individual, multicolored calyx neon green. The leaves are a very lush healthy light green with thick bright orange stigmas (Hairs), this particular LSD nug has the density of tree bark with a slight give when squeezed. This caregiver new exactly what he was doing from seed to the perfect dry and cure with the reassuring very pungent taste and smell that goes with all perfectly cured Marijuana nug’s, if only all growers could grow to this quality.

Appearance under x100 Microscope: The trichomes ranged in color from clear/cloudy bulbous heads to opaque and amber. The Outer trichomes on the nug’s surface were handled rough during the harvesting stage, there was only about %50 intact, once you bust the nug open it’s a completely different story. The stigmas were covered in full headed bulbous trichomes, there was so many trichomes concentrated on the nug’s surface once broke open that it was almost to bright to view from the completely swollen to the max full headed bulbous trichomes with a picture perfect %80 opaque %20 amber %100 intact bulbous glandular heads, with a professional dry and cure as expected from the smell and feel of the nug alone.


Aroma: very pungent candied pine with peppery herbal flower like undertones that loiters in your nostrils and you can even taste it on your palate for a minute or two. Once smoked the smoke has incense like qualities and will leave your house smelling like the nug’s of LSD for hours, the neighbors will smell this strain!


Taste on Inhalation: flowery pine with peppery and strong herbal like undertones. Tastes almost exactly like the aroma due to a %100 proper flush, harvest, dry, and curing stages. I would smoke the strain LSD for its heavenly taste alone!
Taste on Exhalation: very pungent, spicy pine needle like with flower herbal undertones that will linger on your palate for a good three minutes or so, if you can wait for your next inhalation?!?! LSD is considered a “Must Taste” strain. Once the bowl was burnt down to the ashes due to the adequate flush, dry and cure they burnt down to complete “Snow White” and the 7 dwarves, color. This particular batch of the strain LSD tastes just as good on the last inhalation as it did on the first inhalation, that’s hard to come by!


Effects: minor energetic feeling with strong feelings of euphoria and accelerating positive mood enhancement with extreme feelings of well being with as equal of a cerebral effect, energy and cerebral effects slowly sooths your body with a wave of calming, sedative, euphoric effects that promotes relaxation, anti-anxiety and social behavior, causes deep contemplation and promotes meditation. LSD if overindulged may cause ‘Couch Lock” and will give you a case of the “Munchies”, LSD will give you the powerful medicinal effects needed without effecting your day. Smoke with Care!


Duration of this particular batch of LSD: 1-3.5 Hours. Duration based on self medicating/Testing with up to a gram used for full medical effects, effects may vary due to each patient’s individual tolerance level.


Medical Traits: causes energy and a sense of well being, aids patients with ADD, BI-Polar and other mental disorders, aids in anti-anxiety, may give patients feelings of positivity in times of negativity. Increased apatite in patients ongoing or with the aftermath of chemotherapy as well as helping the appetites of cancer patients and patients suffering from Aids, moderate pain relief good for migraines as well as arthritis, scoliosis and other spinal disorders where chronic pain is an issue.


Overall: LSD was a different strain in taste and effects spectrum of medical marijuana. The patients that LSD would be most benefit to would be patients suffering from anxiety ,and, or panic attacks, patients who are depressed or in depressing times, LSD also is great for increasing appetite in patients where their ailment may affect their appetites. LSD is a strain that would be most beneficial in the morning and afternoons it’s what you call a “Day Time” medicine due to its minor euphoric energetic effects, and the fact that you can medicate with it all day and it won’t effect your work day. LSD has very large thick resin coated nug’s with a smell that makes you want to go back to the jar just for a smell, and the thick layer of visible trichomes gives it a great “Bag Appeal” that will make any connoisseur give the jar/bag a second look and smell! LSD has moderate to high painkilling capabilities for a wide variety of patients who suffer from chronic pain, more for muscle pain or minor break-trough pain then a heavy pain killer. You would want an Indica strain for heavy break-trough spinal pain. LSD was an interesting strain to come by and I was very pleased with its effects.