LA Confidential : Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 03/18/2012

by Sto Nedagain


LA Confidential Strain Review

Name of Strain: LA Confidential

Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis %100 Indica Dominant ({LA OG KUSH x AFFIE}; a Special potent, very pungent and higher yielding Afghani strain)

Seed Breeder: DNA Genetics


Appearance to the Naked Eye: Very lush healthy neon green that looks almost like Sea foam green to almost white due to the EXTREME amounts of trichome production on these absolutely ravishing nugs of LA Confidential. The GIANT calyxes to the thick hi leaf count, all the way to the stems are the same lushes neon Green/ Sea foam/White color, with brick red Stigmas (Hairs). The density of LA Con is rock hard with overly large swollen calyxes, with a slight natural sponge like give. All the stages of cannabis cultivation was performed perfect on this particular batch of LA CON, from vegetative stage to flower and harvest with a professional manicure, dry, cure and handling when transporting to different dispensaries.


Appearance Under 100x Microscope: The trichomes are very Long Stalked with medium sized Bulbous headed trichomes, they range in color from white to about %10 diminishing amber heads; thus giving you a higher non psychoactive CBD percentage that gives you more effects felt deep in the body, THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gives you the trippy, hunger and sometimes racy effects. Higher THC is found in Sativa or Sativa dominant strains. When you get dialed in as a medical grower you can harvest on personal preference. The surface of the nugs were handled a bit rough once viewed under the microscope about %70 of the heads were in-tact, once the nug was busted open there was an extremely high trichome count that fully covered the nugs surface.


Aroma: Spicy, Sweet, Hash like aroma with a slight bubblegum spiciness with a hint of lemongrass undertones. LA CON has very unique Aroma and Effects unlike any other strains out their.


Taste on Inhalation: Very deep some what acrid, sweet hash with very thick expansive smoke, that permeates deep up into your nostrils while you hold your inhalation.

Taste on Exhalation: Deep Smokey candied Hash like, with a slight caramelized coffee flavor and a very sweet mild taste of lemongrass that you’ll find lingering on your palate for a few minutes with a film of resin that forms around your mouth after each inhalation. LA Confidential causes a strong case of “CottonMouth.”

Color of bowls ash: Once the bowl was finished and burnt down to the ash, it burnt down to a snow white with about ten percent off white ash, this means that the plants could have use a few more days of watering/flooding with only water no nutrients. The off white color of the ash wasn’t enough to affect the very flavorful taste of LA Confidential.


Effects: The Effects of LA Confidential are different than most 100% Indica's. It starts of somewhat energetic then turns into strong somewhat lethargic functional effects with strong feelings of euphoria and promotes a sense of wellbeing, vision is somewhat distorted, colors seem more vibrant, full mind and body relaxation. LA confidential effects are oddly functional, unless you partake in an overindulgent self medicating session than it might have you locked on the couch watching cartoons for an hour or to or even better a knowledgeable documentary on the history of marijuana! Knowledge Is Power!


Duration: On this particular batch of LA Confidential 1.5 to 2.5 hours. “Duration based on self medicating/testing, with up to a gram used for full medicinal effect. Effects may vary due to each patient’s individual tolerance level”.


Medicinal Traits: Nausea reduction, minor pain relief, minor anti-depressant, migraine reduction, LA Confidential was bred for a higher yielding version of the very popular OG Kush it has nice mellow effects but its not rated that high for medical use, you would want a purer OG Kush, for more information on that read my OG Kush Strain Reviews which is bred for its many different medical uses not necessarily for a higher, “Commercial” yield.


Overall: LA Confidential would be most beneficial for medical marijuana patients looking for a strain to get them trough the day, cure their minor aches, pains, anxiety, depression without disabling their daily activities whatever it is that you do, great strain to medicate with while working! If you overindulge you might find your self with a case of LA CON Couch Lock, so be careful if using to stay alert while at work! LA Confidential can be classified as a “Day” or “Night Time” if you want less more energetic effects to get you trough your day and stay productive use less to medicate. If it’s heavy effects that you’re aiming for I would recommend medicating with at least two grams, you will find yourself traveling trough waves of euphoria and full muscle and mind relaxation. I wouldn’t recommend LA Confidential for patients suffering from manic depression or a bad diagnosis of insomnia, there’s different indica strains out their better suited for that, as a sufferer of heavy insomnia myself I can relate and have passion for those who suffer from this debilitating disease. Judging by looks and taste alone this strain is amazing and growers will be more than pleased with its generous yield alone, not to mention the great “Bag Appeal” or “Jar Appeal” alone will make patients want to make a donation, the aroma and taste are the two best traits of LA Confidential. LA Confidential doesn’t provide an adequate amount of pain relief, but provides great muscle and mind relaxation that promotes meditation and a sense of well being, that you can medicate with all day and keep those aches and pains away! DNA Genetics have many other strains that are great for pain relief and insomnia as well as a great line of Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrids available. LA Confidential won second place (2005) and third (2004) for the indica cup at the Cannabis Cup and first place for Indica in the International Cannagraphics Cup (2005).