The KuLi Wax Vaporizer Pen Review


Published: 03/22/2016

by Sydney Paul


KuLi Wax Vaporizer Pen

New Wax Vape Pen Review – kuLi kit


The kuLi kit by Tracewell’s features their vaporizer pen designed for concentrates and comes with a host of other accessories. Cute packaging and very familiar pen style make the kuLi an attractive option for concentrate pens, but don’t be fooled by its neat appearance – kuLi does its job, but for a price.


What it comes with:

1 kuLi pen

1 flat battery

2 kuLi “koils”

1 mouthpiece

1 puck

1 steel dab tool

1 USB charger

1 wall adapter

1 kuLi parchment paper

1 user manual



-Easily packs multiple bowls.

-The double coil gets very hot, very quickly.

-Unique and beautiful tribal design.

-The kit comes packed with a fair amount of accessories, all branded with the tribal kuLi design.



-The coils get so hot it makes the whole piece hot as you use it.

-Because of this heat,  it is nearly impossible to share.

-You have to pull lightly or the pen will not function to its full capacity (although this is true for many vapes, it is especially true for the kuLi pen).


Cost & Verdict: For $59.99, the kuLi pen does its job, but not cost-efficiently. This Micro G-pen lookalike gets far too hot for anyone’s comfort and burns through concentrate at a highly accelerated rate. However, it does hit nicely if you hit it right, and the substantial kit makes this pen almost worth it. It works in a pinch, but there are better models for better prices in the vape market.

Check out more here at the kuLi webiste