Knife Hits Review


Published: 08/05/2017

by Ryker


This pipe gives a whole new meaning to the name “knife hits”. Diamond Glass has created a realistic, detailed pipe in the shape of a knife. The handpipe itself is pretty straight forward classy: the blade features a serrated (but blunt) edge, four embedded circle designs and a gold Diamond Glass logo. The handle is decorated with exceptional details, from the wood grain look of the glass to the etched grip on top and embedded circles on the sides to the finger depressions along the bottom. This pipe looks good, and feels good in your hand. I was amazed at how similar its heft felt to holding a real knife. The bowl is set within the finger depression closest to the blade and is large enough for several big hits. The carb hole is on the left and the mouthpiece is the base of the knife handle. But don’t let the design cloud your judgment! “Knife Hits” is a cute pun name, but if it’s awkward to smoke, the cool design is no good, right? So, …

How does it smoke?

Fortunately, the heft of the pipe doesn’t get in the way of a great smoke, in my experience. Despite seeming to be bulky, the thick glass blade of the pipe actually serves as a surprisingly comfortable grip, almost mimicking the feel of a classic sherlock with the way you hold the pipe. The airflow of Knife Hits is pretty standard, with most of the flair of the pipe being in its decorative stylings - it still adheres to the tried and true spoon pipe air flow smokers know and love with its internal workings. So despite looking like it might be clunky to smoke with, this pipe turns out to be a reliable classic spoon pipe in execution, with simply phenomenal stylings hearkening back to the old days of - you guessed it - knife hits. Just don’t try to slice up dinner with this knife. It’s blunter than your grandma’s butterknife!

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