Kiva Chocolate Medical Cannabis Review


Published: 11/23/2015

by Sydney Paul


Kiva Cannabis Chocolate

Kiva Chocolate: A Delicious Bang for Your Buck

by: Sydney Paul



What it is: Kiva’s Milk Chocolate Mini’s are palm-sized squares of delicious milk chocolate skillfully infused with 15 mg of California grown medical-grade THC. At the 15 mg level, Kiva offers two flavors: their original Milk Chocolate and a Dark Chocolate flavor.

They also offer a 45 mg line of medical marijuana Chocolate Mini’s with decadent flavors like Blackberry Dark Chocolate and Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate. They also come in whole bars, where four squares of the Mini’s make up one whole bar.


Design: Simple and eye-catching red wrapper with all the information you need to know right on the front. The chocolate itself has a delicate mold of a marijuana leaf right in the middle.


Taste: Hershey might have a serious contender because these are actually delicious – they taste almost exactly like milk chocolate. There may be a hint of weed if you’re eating a regular chocolate bar at the same time, but for the most part these little squares taste exactly how they look, which is amazing. On their website, Kiva advertises that they “pride themselves on making delicious, high quality chocolate without the unnecessary taste of cannabutter or marijuana,” and I believe they’ve achieved that exactly. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers or for those who don’t enjoy a strong marijuana taste in their edibles.


Potency: For one 15 mg palm-sized square, these gave a nice, relaxing high for a couple hours. Depending on your tolerance, these could go anywhere from a [4] to [6]. For the cost and size of the square, I was pleasantly surprised at my high (I weigh 100 lbs).


Cost & Verdict: Kiva doesn’t like when they say their products give you a “higher chocolate experience.” These little squares vary in cost depending on what state you’re in, but probably won’t be more than $4, which is what I paid. All in all though, Kiva Chocolate earns 5 out of 5 stars.

To get the best bang for your buck, I recommend the whole bars that include four squares, each square with 15 mg (or 45 mg, depending on the flavor.) The whole bars usually go for $10 for 60mg, Milk or Dark Chocolate, or $20 for 180mg for a variety of four fantastic flavors. I can’t wait to try every size and flavor Kiva has to offer – their chocolate is worth every penny!