King Henry OG : Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 03/06/2013

by Sto Nedagain


King Henry OG Strain Review

Name of Strain: King Henry OG Kush

Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis Indica Dominant Hybrid. The Lineage of this strain is unknown. I believe it’s a pure cut of OG Kush that was bred in So-Cal, or possibly two different phenotypes bred together, I based that assumption on aroma and effects.


Appearance to the Naked Eye: Oddly large glandular THC covered bright neon green to white calyxes, with sunset red stigmas & healthy lush green frost covered leafs, (what are left, due to a perfect trim job, like always from Golden State Patients Association, a true medicinal Dispensary, that really cares about patient’s needs.) These particular nug’s of King Henry are as dense and swollen as a calyx can possibly swell to. Yet another beautiful strain coming from Golden State Patients Association in Garden Grove, CA with a beyond professional dry & cure/

Appearance under 100x Microscope: The perfect color trichomes you want from a ripe and ready to harvest nug, cloudy to opaque with a small amount, about 11% of slightly “ambering” heads with around 95% of the trichomes intact with  very exciting cannabinoid production!


Aroma: Strong aroma of high grade Afghani hash, with a deep Lemon/Pine oil stench with heavy skunk undertones, that will permeate a room for an hour or two, and leave the room filled with a nice incense like after smell.


Taste on Inhalation: Very overpowering Lemon/Diesel temper that can only be described as an OG Kush party in my mouth, the smooth King Henry smoke will have every taste bud firing to absolute flavorful bliss.

Taste On Exhalation: intense lemon hash that has a distinct lingering aftertaste of lemon lime/Pine oil, with an enticing flavor trail of Diesel funk undertones.

Color of Ash: The ash of this particular batch of King Henry burnt down to a pale off white ash that is ideal for a plant cultivated hydroponically. What you don’t want is a bowl of charcoal/carbon like ash left when the bowls burnt down, that means that it has had an inadequate flush leaving behind traces of nutrients.


Effects: Slightly energetic for the first 20 minutes, due to high THC percentage and a lower CBD percentage, after the energetic effects, it intertwines into a nice relaxing pleasurable social effect, with high amounts of euphoria and a heightened sense of wellbeing that lasts for a good hour, before turning into full body core, mind and muscle relaxation. True medicinal grade herbs!


Duration: 3.5-5 Hours. Duration based on self-medicating/testing with up to 3 grams used for full medicinal effects. Effects may very due to each patient’s tolerance level.


Medicinal Uses: Raises motivation and creativity aiding in social disorders, such as PTSD. If energetic effects is what you’re looking for, this strain isn’t for you. This strain is well known for its great pain killing and anti-depressant effects, as well as a mood stabilizer in some patients. King Henry causes ocular relief for patients if needed. It also aids patients suffering from the aftermath of chemotherapy or suffering from Cancer, God Bless their soul. This strain has pleasantly smooth smoke, so it would be a cure for patients suffering from asthma as well.


Overall: King Henry is best used by patients suffering from extreme chronic pain, spinal break-through pain, PTSD, eating disorders, migraines, arthritis, insomnia, chemical dependency and withdrawal, as well as patients suffering from the aftermath of chemotherapy. The tremendously large frosted calyxes will turn any frown upside down and has a great” Bag Appeal” that will make any patient take a double take once viewed. This is one of my favorite strains that comes from Golden State Patients Association, in Garden Grove CA. (ID and proper Dr.s recommendation required of course.)


A Special thanks to Golden State Patients Association for providing their patients with such great quality medical marijuana at a compassionate price, helping patients one by one, always quality medication from Golden State!