Ken’s GDP (AKA Granddaddy Purple) - MMJ Strain Review


Published: 05/03/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Ken's Granddaddy Purple Nugs

Name of Strain: Ken’s GDP aka (Granddaddy Purple)

Genetics/Linage: Cannabis Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Purple Urkle x Big Bud)

Breeder: unknown


Appearance to the naked eye: the calyxes range in color from deep forest green to dark and neon purple, nearly the same color of the leaves, but some of the leaves are more of a neon green than any other part of this multi-colored nug. The Stigmas range in color from light yellow to a flickering campfire orange. The density of this batch of Kens Granddaddy Purple reminds me of a household sponge that has been used and dried up and turned somewhat hard, with a slight sponge-like give. The drying and curing stages were done correctly.


Appearance under a 100x Microscope: Due to the outer layer being handled too rough during the harvesting, drying and curing stages I had to bust the nug open to get an accurate view from the scope. The medium sized trichomes ranged in color from clear to slightly opaque with an average trichome count for Granddaddy Purple coming from up north.


Aroma: I would imagine this is what a purple skunk’s skunkyness would smell like. Very pungent, candied sweet hash smell with caramelized lavender undertones. Ken’s GDP has a very pleasant aroma that can also be used to aid in meditation. It smells so sweet, a kid might mistake it for candy.


Taste on Inhalation: Sweet skunky caramelized hash with candy-like undertones.


Taste on Exhalation: Deep sweet skunk like with a strong, lingering candied hash goodness that hangs out on your palate for a minute or five.


Color of Ash: Once the bowl burnt down, the ash had a slight carbon-like coloring mixed in with off-white ash, meaning this was most likely hydroponic and needed and extra 4-7 days of flooding with water only. (The chemical flushes don’t work as well as they state, and actually will cause more chemicals to be left in the plant matter than if flushed only with water for a week to two weeks. This is newer information in medical marijuana news and scientific studies.)


Effects: Somewhat energetic for the first 30 minutes, the slight energetic effect turns into heavy euphoria and feelings of relaxation and sedation with a heightened social behavior. Relaxes the mind and opens it up for creativity, Ken's GDP is a great strain to self medicate with while writing some lyrics or music. May give you a classic case of ‘Couch Lock” and the “Munchies” if you over indulge.


Duration: 1.5-2.5 Hours. (Duration based on self medicating/testing with up to a gram or more used for full medicinal effects, effects may vary due to each patient’s individual tolerance level.)


Medicinal traits: Causes a sense of social interaction and increased social behavior aiding patients with social disorders and anxiety as well as aiding patients who are manic-depressant and/or Bi-Polar, Migraine relief, acts as an anti depressant and a sleeping aid, if you have a really bad diagnosis of insomnia I would recommend medicating with a heavier indica like one of the potent Master Kush phenotypes that are going around, read more of my articles for more information on that. Would aid patients with curing their minor aches and pains especially in the joints and muscles, appetite stimulant, great cure for nausea, and would help patients suffering from the aftermath of chemotherapy (May God Bless Them and Their Families.) Possible ocular relief aiding patients with glaucoma. Ken's GDP also works great for meditation and relaxation.


Overall: Ken’s GDP would aid medical marijuana patients most suffering from depression and anxiety/panic disorders as well as patients suffering from chronic nausea such as patients who are suffering from the devastating aftermath of chemotherapy. Also works great for minor joint and muscle pain, minor aid to patients with insomnia. Kens Granddaddy Purple would be more of a “Night Time” medication unless you medicated with smaller amounts to get a less sedative effect. The very multi-colored nugs of Kens GDP give it a great “bag appeal” that would make any one want to make a donation on looks alone. But remember don’t always read a book by its cover, in this case the cover accounted for the book.


A Special thanks to the medical patient where these wonderful nugs came from, he can be found on Twitter @420mailorder