JFK Kush : Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 03/21/2012

by Sto Nedagain


JFK Kush

Name of Strain: JFK Kush

Genetics/lineage: Cannabis indica Dominant Hybrid [(A Special Phenotype of Master Kush); that was kept as a mother plant for its unusual Master Kush aroma and effects than most master Kush plants, also with a higher yield)].


Seed Company: Unknown? Clone of this special Master Kush Phenotype comes from Orange County, CA.


Appearance: Bright neon green GIANT nugs with deep purple hues and giant swollen to the max calyxes, and light lush healthy green leaves. There is very little visible hairs on these golf ball size nugs, and five inch colas, (Large Top Nugs, stemming from main branches), Stigmas, (Hairs), coloring  from orange with pink hues to bright sun red. JFK nugs are very dense with a good dry, but in my opinion it could have used 1-2 more weeks of a cure, resulting in a better taste, aroma and much more pure cleaner feeling high. The nugs were frosted white with long stalked trichomes visible to the naked eye.


Appearance under 100× microscope: The nugs surface is covered in long white stalked enormous headed trichomes, with about 80 percent cloudy/opaque heads, and 20 percent amber heads that have degenerated and lost peak THC content. This particular batch of JFK would have been much more potent, if harvested at proper stage of ripeness, due to high percentage of bulbous headed trichomes that have degenerated lowering the THC content and heightening the CBD content. The trichomes tell you when your plants ready to harvest, not a seed company’s harvest time, those are mere guidelines for commercial growers; at which is the earliest time the strain can be harvested. This particular batch of JFK also could have used a better manicure.


Aroma: Sweet lemongrass followed by strong caramelized coffee like undertones. The smell of this batch of JFK wasn't very pungent, until the nugs were broken or ground up, due to a short curing time and an inadequate flush. The aroma was still strong but could have been much more pungent.


Taste on Inhalation: Sweet, acrid, caramelized lemongrass with lemon/fuel like undertones.


Taste on Exhalation: Spicy, acrid, light caramelized lemongrass, with light lemon/fuel aftertaste that lingers on pallet for a minute or two. The bowl burnt down to a light grey, carbon like ash. This was most likely a semi-organic hydroponic garden that wasn't flushed properly, and needed a week or more of a cure, with more burping, (opening and closing of the jar that the nugs are curing in 2 to 3 times daily).


Effects: JFK produces minor cerebral effects and body high. It's an equal 50 percent body and 50 percent mind, almost generic like in effects, minor waves of euphoria and body relaxation. Enhances taste without causing the "munchies", personally it has too much of a generic feeling or effect when smoked for me, What I mean by generic, is that it has no special feelings or effects felt in the body or mind, but some patients with a lower tolerance level have had great feedback on JFK for its medicinal effects.


Duration: 1.5-2 hours. Duration based on self medicating/testing with up to a gram used for full medical effect. Effects may vary, due to each patient’s individual tolerance level.


Medical uses: Lowers pain level in joints and muscles, Gives you feelings of motivation without paranoia or anxiety, heightens creativity and state of mind, Minor anti-depressant with mood elevation, lowers pain level of a migraine, minor pain aid, great for patients suffering from chronic nausea or migraines.


Overall: This would help patients who suffer from depression by acting as a minor anti-depressant. Cures minor aches and pains, mainly joint and muscle. This strain doesn't cause the "munchies" or cause too much of a sedated like feeling, so it would be best used as an all day or a morning time medicinal indica hybrid. It will cure your pain without putting you back to sleep or disabling your daily activities. JFK has a great "Bag Appeal" “Jar Appeal” due to the heavy frosting of resin coating the nugs and giant bulbous headed calyxes, creating some fat, sticky golf ball sized nugs. JFK is an interesting strain, I give it that. It has a minor pain killing effect and as equal of a cerebral effect, creating euphoria and a minor anti-depressant or mood elevation effect, great for meditation. If it would have been harvested and cured properly, it would have been much more of a potent batch, with increased physical and mental effects and medicinal traits. Since writing this review I have tried a properly ripened, flushed and cured batch of JFK and it was spot on, all strain information held steady but with heightened effects, a better taste and stronger aroma


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