Jellyquarium by Lookah Glass


Published: 11/02/2017

by Stefin Bradbury


The Jellyquarium by Lookah Glass is a usable work of art that will have you floating in oceans of chill and happiness with every toke, pull, and rip. Whether it’s flower or concentrate, this bong will bring out the best in your goods and have you swimming back for more.

A color accented jellyfish tree-percolator floats above a single, clear inline percolator for maximum smoothness. And though the smoke will be smooth, this bong is not for the feint of lung as the chamber is massive. Weighing in over three pounds with more than four inches for the base, this water pipe feels immovable on your table and solid in your hands. Boasting a straight shot from the chamber to the stem, your smoke rides every wave as it bubbles upwards, through both the lower chamber and inline percolation system. From there it rolls into the heart of the jellyfish, where it flows out of its eight tentacles and into the larger, upper chamber.

From there it’s all on you and your lung capacity.

It’s a good thing yours truly is a professional cannabis consumer.

One rip on this gorgeous clear borosilicate glass with colored accents was all I needed. Not that I didn’t go back for more. After a few minutes, I went back to the rounded edges on the mouthpiece with made for an easy, comfortable pull. The bowl sits high enough that you can see what your lighting without setting your hair or eyebrows on fire, which is a good thing because even though you may be stonily staring at a jellyfish floating in an ocean of bong-water, you won’t need the water to put out any fires. For the purposes of this review, I smoked on flower and the herb bowl was large enough for me to get my rips as well as share with others. But if herb is not your thing, there are other options for swapping out the flower bowl with a nail and dome combo to dab that special concentrate.

From the colored accents (mine was green) to the black and gold Lookah Glass logo, this behemoth is a beauty to behold and to hold. I love the feel of this bong in my hands and I really love the way it looks on my table. Too often you can come across a piece that is pure artistry; something so beautiful that it begs to be used. But when you take that fateful rip, you learn that artistry does not necessarily equate to execution.

But here Lookah Glass created a simple masterpiece with the “Jellyquarium,” sailing smoothly between  the seas of art and performance.