Jack Herer : Strain Review


Published: 11/15/2011

by Sto


Jack Herer Strain Review Nug

Name: Jack Herer- Haze×[Northern Lights #5× (Northern Lights #5×Skunk #1)] Jack Herer is a three way sativa dominant hybrid.


Genetics/Lieniege: The goal of the growers that bred Jack Herer was to make a 50% haze cross that kept the qualities of pure haze, while shortening the painful six  month flowering time that a full blooded haze demands. Approxment liniege percentage: 50% haze, 37.5% NL#5 and 12.5% SK#1. Jack Herer is bred by Sensi Seed Bank.


Appearance: Long finger like leaves and nugs with very dense grape-cluster bud formation. The nugs appear light green due to the extreme frosty resin coating. The few hairs that are visible on the nugs are brick red. The drying and curing process on this particular batch was perfect, doubling the taste and smell.


Appearance under 100× microscope: There are so many stalks/trichomes covering the nug's surface, there is no plant matter visible. The brick red hairs are even coated with full headed trichomes. The trichomes are the colors of ripened perfection. The capitate-stocked trichomes have developed a sphericle head, and are still transparent with a cloudy opaque look to them. Few trichomes have started to turn amber and diminish, this means the nugs have reached peak THC  production. There were very few missing trichomes, meaning the nugs were handled with care at harvest. This beautiful Jack Herer  nug was cured to perfection trichomes and all.


Aroma: Fresh, flowery and fruity, with peppery/herbal undertones.


Taste on inhalation: sweet, flowery, spicy, with fermented fruit and piney peppery, very pungent undertones.


Taste on exhalation: Sweet, pungent, flowery incense that lingers on your taste buds for a few minutes.
The smell is so strong that you can smell the taste as you're taking the bong load, before the smoke hits your taste buds. The bowl burns even and slow with very cool smooth smoke. (for the best taste use only bic lighters). After the bowl was finished the ash was burnt to a snowy white. This means it was flushed and used only water with no nutrients, 1-2 weeks prior to harvest.


Effects: Very cerebral, felt almost instantly on your first inhalation. Warm feelings behind eyes, and spreads throughout the brain and into your body. Felt all the way down to the knees. Causes a minor energetic affect but without causing anxiety or paranoia. The energetic feeling turns into euphoria, and then relaxation throughout the body(from head to toe's). Creates a positive mood and behavior. Doesn't cause the munchies and is great for elevateing creativity. Great strain for playing a good video game, or taking long walk on the beach.


Duration: this particular strain of Jack herer lasted 1.5-4 hours, depending on amount used. Medicating with up to 1 gram for full medicinal effects.


Medical uses: antidepressant, migraine relief, ocular relief, helps stomach problems such as, IBS and constipation (due to high levels of THC), ect. Raises spiritual and physical energy levels, lowers  anxiety levels, helps patients who suffer from attention deficit disorder and bi-polar disorder. Cures nausea and helps with someone's personal fight against dependency and withdraw. Also helps with autoimmune disease and inflammation.


Overall: Flowering time 50-70 days, height 150-180cm, yield up to 125 grams. Jack Herer is a winner of the cannabis cup 14 times for multiple award titles. Jack Herer helps patients the most who suffer from attention deficit disorder, anxiety and bi-polar disorders. Also helps with autoimmune disease. If Jack is grown correctly the look of the nugs through the jar is enough to make you want to make a donation. That's a really easy way to tell if it's true, properly grown Jack Herer. Density and hair color are very important when purchasing this variety. The flowering time is a little longer than most strains, so growers will harvest a week or two early. Getting there next crop going and getting their product on the market quicker. The nugs should be very dense with brick red hairs, and visibly covered in trichomes. Properly grown Jack Herer is hard to come by, so when it's around it's not around long. Jack may be gone, but I give him a thought every time I smell and taste a beautiful trichome soaked Jack Herer nug.