J-1 Strain Extract Review


Published: 10/16/2013

by MrCalismoke


Strain Name: J-1

Dispensary & Location: Zen GardenNorth Hollywood, CA

Extract Strain: J-1, Sativa Dominant Hybrid Color: A lit yellow and brown mixed , almost a gold looking color 


Texture: It’s a bit of a budder texture while it is hard to handle by fingers but easily picked up with a dabber . 


Aroma: Smells a bit like lemon but has a fresh bho scent to it.

Taste: Has a sweet and fresh taste Pain killing effect: 5/10 


Sleep Aid:  2/10 


Potency: 7/10, High Potency 


Duration: 2-3 hours and a relaxing feel for another hr or so

Effects: With its first inhale you instantly feel a boost of energy and a happy vibe. Giving you a euphoric and creative feeling while getting that extra strength of the uplifted feeling.

Medical effects: This can be used to medically treat depression, along with stress, since it’s a hybrid with a sativa dominant you get the pain relief with the energy at the same time.  It can be used to treat fatigue and nausea as well. 


Overall: J-1 from Zen Garden was very enjoyable to medicate during the day to give you an energetic feeling while inducing a positive and happy feel. While providing energy you still get mild pain relief as well.  The Texture was a bit tricky to pick up, but the quality made up for that.  The J-1 concentrates are a nice medicine to treat depression and provide back energy.