Is Medical Marijuana Really Legal?


Published: 01/02/2012

by Mr. Skunk


Dispensary Raid

The year is 2012. It’s been 17 years since the citizens voted to allow cannabis to be used as a medicine in California and 10+ years since medical cannabis was made a Constitutional Right in Colorado. So why are DEA raids on Colorado and California dispensaries and providers on the rise? SOURCE

As an "Average Joe” citizen, patient, and grower, one’s logical mind would spin from the surge in contradiction in our federal government. Not even a year ago we, as a society, were addressed by our commander & chief on the aspects of Medical Marijuana acceptance by the federal government. We were told specifically, that we should not fear the federal government’s intrusion into state approved medical cannabis programs. We were also told that as long as one was following state guidelines, there would be no recourse from the federal government; a real hands off policy for those following state laws pertaining to medical cannabis. Somehow that never happened. We, the people of this nation cheered and rejoiced in the audible approval of our long, hard treacherous fight to get our own government to see things as they are and have some compassion in the fact that there are millions of hurting Americans that are able to get medical relief from the consumption of cannabis in some form.
All of the states that have granted or voted on medical cannabis have some form of process that defines a cannabis patient or provider which makes them technically legal at the state level. Now, the last time this meager journalist checked, the federal government should and does follow and or recognize other state laws. What makes these ones any different? Why are there raids on cannabis providers but none on the companies that create drugs that kill people on accident because the company did not know something about the drug before being released to the masses? There are advertisements on television from attorneys that are doing mass lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, for not being more informed about their product before stocking shelves. As an example, a current ad requests any woman that was prescribed "Celexa" while being pregnant, to contact a specific law office, because of severe complications and even death during pregnancy due to taking Celexa. SOURCE Why are the feds not closing these places down or raiding their patients? This journalist firmly believes that there is something considerably wrong with the current state of the union when we have situations such as this. And even worse, the government is blatantly ignoring what the country asks for and purposely lying to the nation and expecting them to believe it, when their vote says, they see it differently. It sounds like our own government looks at us as irresponsible children and will ignore our request as they choose. As I write this I sit and wait on my own "I.D. card" from the state I live in. When it finally arrives I sadly will feel no more secure in growing my own medication than I would,  if I had never applied and paid the money for something that really does not protect me. It is no more than a political mirage to attempt to make a person feel some sort of security in breaking federal law. A common person, a patient with an illness, has now become a criminal in the eyes of the federal government. Is it really legal when almost every state that has a cannabis law/s are still seeing negative backlash from the feds and or their our state representatives & law enforcement? SOURCE