Ice Wreck Strain and Grow Report


Published: 05/21/2016

by JT


Ice Wreck Strain Grow


Hey family. .today i'm bringing you a grow/strain report of the Ice Wreck strain by Crop King Seeds.  

Now over the past few years I have had the pleasure to grow many strains from Crop King Seeds but this one stands apart from the rest.  It's a slightly temperamental lady but the end results are a beautiful resin covered moderate yielding plant.  With thc levels in the high 20’s this is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next 420 get together.

I had 100 percent germination rate with these particular beans and 1 out of the 3 was a male.  The great thing about Crop King Seeds is that as long as you follow the germination video on the site they will send you out new seeds to replace the ones that didn't germinate.  

Gotta love a company that stands behind its product!  And did I mention they are a Canadian Company? ..That's right Crop King Seeds is right here in Vancouver, Canada and they are the largest seed Company in North America from what I've been told.

Now back to the plant.  She was not overly bushy but had plenty of nodes for those lovely resin covered buds to grow.  She was quite a chunky girl with plenty of big sexy foxtails and some nice purple tones throughout.  It was hard to resist stealing a early tester bud but I managed to contain myself until she was completely finished.  She ran about 11 weeks in total as I let her go a bit longer as I like a good mix of amber in my trichs.  

The smoke from this bud was super awesome to say the least. Thick hash like smoke that tickles the back of your throat in just the right way. Lots of flavor and a great nose to it as well.  It's hard to miss the limonene scent in this bud as it’s very apparent to say the least.  The effects for me were very heady and relaxing.  It Definitely achieved a little couch lock effect that was much appreciated at the end of a long day slang’n nugs at the dispensary.  Yes that's right..I play with frosty nugs at work and home. Not a bad gig eh?  

All this being said I couldn't recommend this strain more for the moderate to advanced grower.  The genetics are great the company behind them is great and so is the end result.  Crop King Seeds and their Ice Wreck strain have definitely earned the status of being JT APPROVED!  



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