How MMJ Saved A Life


Published: 03/05/2012

by Ian Tudor



How MMJ Saved A Life.


By Ian Tudor



His name is “Ted”, but he can be any of the millions affected with HIV, who have turned to Medical Marijuana to ease their symptoms, and to fight for a life worth saving.


We meet at his comfy West Hollywood apartment, and begin to talk about life, love and weed. He passes around a clear blue glass pipe, and we begin to relax, and get better acquainted. As the effects of the marijuana begin to take hold, Ted begins to talk, about his life, his illness, and what he believes is keeping him alive after 30 years living with HIV.


“I found out I was positive in 1987, but I may have already had been infected for years prior.”


“I began smoking pot way before, as a teenager, and as soon as symptoms started, I noticed that it helped with my appetite, and nausea.”


We take another drag, and he continues, “It does, something to help keep me alive.”


A recent study, by the research team at Virginia Commonwealth University, in which monkeys were infected with SIV, the monkey equivalent to HIV. Some monkeys were given THC, before, during, and after infection, which  showed that the monkeys given THC fought off the infection but also lived longer than the monkeys who received no THC.


“I noticed that all my other HIV positive friends were dying,” Ted says, taking another long drag off the pipe, “They chose not to smoke weed for whatever reason, and I saw a correlation with the marijuana and my living.”


Is there a link between THC and living longer? Consider this, in 2007 San Diego closed down all dispensaries, and they did a study and found as a result, many people died from their illnesses, because many patients refused to go back to the streets for their medicine.


“I would hate to be forced back to the streets.” Ted explains “Who knows what I would be getting, if it was laced, and it would put me under a lot of stress and that would not benefit my health at all.”


As we closed the interview, we ponder the efficacy, and wonder of this plant, and laugh as we take one more hit.