How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?


Published: 08/27/2012

by Comfortably Numb


Marijuana Nugs

One of the things that will scare a marijuana enthusiast straight is the words "you need to take a drug test".   It is understandable that you would be freaked out at the idea of submitting to a drug test while knowing that you have smoked marijuana recently and that the results of a drug test can make or break your future.  I know I was.  My next question was how long does marijuana stay in my system?  In doing research on this issue through Web MD, Wiki and multiple sources, it appears there is no easy answer.


Studies show that depending on the amount and frequency of marijuana that is ingested, the metabolites that signal marijuana use may stay in your body for just a couple of days to a few months.  Some factors that can affect the length of time that the marijuana caused metabolites stay in your body, depends on weight, metabolism, activity, or lack thereof, etc.   The reason why the metabolites caused by marijuana use stay in the body longer than other drugs is because marijuana use metabolites are fat-soluble and they will bind with the fat cells of your body and organs.  


Studies show that if you are overweight, the metabolites caused by marijuana use will not have left your body as quickly as the metabolites that would leave the body of someone without the extra weight.  Also, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle without a lot of fluid intake, the length of time that the metabolites stay in your body will be longer than a person who is active and takes in lots of fluid. 

The more marijuana the person uses, the more marijuana is stored in that person’s body, and the longer it will take for the system to clear. 


According to a study published in the Journal of Chromatographic Science, persons who took marijuana as part of the study, and who had used marijuana frequently in the past, had higher rates of THC on subsequent testing than did people who had never used marijuana before the study began.  The study also showed that frequent users seem to overwhelm their systems, even with low levels of the drug, and as a result, they can have positive marijuana test results for months longer than people who don’t use marijuana frequently.


Don't completely freak out, there are lots of great products out there that will help you to test negative for marijuana use.  I was able to pass a drug test within hours using a urine replacement product, as well as listing every single prescription and over the counter drug I ever used to account for any small false positives.  Your local head shop should have everything you might need for whatever timeline you have.  Good luck!