Hong Kong Diesel Co2 Oil Extract Review


Published: 10/27/2015

by @Canna_Review


Hong Kong Diesel Co2 Oil Extract Review

Hong Kong Diesel Co2 Oil Extract Review


Strain: The Walking Raven dispensary in Denver rocks the Hong Kong Diesel hybrid strain which comes from NYC Diesel x Hong Kong. This strong hybrid is known for being both a mind-melter with its diesel-like stimulation and a knockout with its kong-like heaviness.


Texture: OilStix puts their Co2 oil in syringes for good reason- this oil can be hard to work with! As long as you're gentle with the plunger, you should be able to squirt the right amount of this semi-thick goody goodness onto you dab tool.


Color: This Co2 oil is a beautiful orange-red that looks much lighter when illuminated. It produces a very white vapor when dabbed.


Taste: Sure enough, this extract tastes just like the strain it was made from. A toned down diesel flavor is very apparent when dabbed and smoked with bud.


Effect: The effects are noticeable immediately. A warm feeling quickly washes over your body and your head feels buzzy yet relaxed. This strain always reduces my awareness of time and makes me feel like I'm thinking at half-pace.