Homemade Cannabis Sun Tea Recipe


Published: 08/05/2015

by Cheryl


Homemade Cannabis Sun Tea Recipe

DIY Tea-Bags Make Way for Golden Homemade Medicle Marijuana Sun-Tea


Homemade Tea Bags *Instructions are below

Few Fat Nugs (Grinded finely in coffee-grinder)

4TBS. Cannabutter or 4 TBS Cannaoil


Sugar, lemon, freshly grown Rosemary, etc… (for additional flavoring)

Mason Jars


In a large saucepan bring the 4-TBSP.Cannabutter/oil , ½ pan water and a couple leafs if possible of the bud used. Allow this mixture to fully boil on low for 20-minutes and keep lid on another 1/2 hour. In the meantime start filling your perfectly cut tea-bags with finely grinded nugs- placing 1 teaspoon of buds per bag.  When everything is all stapled up and ready to get placed in Mason Jars outside, just remember if kids are around the paper should be color coded so they know what homemade sun tea they drink, as it should not be this medible.