Hive Ceramic Nail Product Review


Published: 06/15/2014

by Joe Sousa


Hive Ceramic Nail Domeless

Hive Ceramic Nail Product Review 

Dabbing or vaporizing concentrates has become and incredibly popular way to smoke marijuana. Most quality nails made for dabbing are made from titanium, while other nails are made out of glass, and quartz. Recently companies have started producing ceramic nails as the heating element instead of titanium. 

The new Hive ceramics nail was the first ceramic heating element that I have ever used for vaporizing concentrates. In terms of flavor, I the ceramic nail offers a much cleaner natural flavor, very similar to the flavor off smoking off quartz. 

 It appeared to me that the ceramic nail also retained heat incredibly well, and I noticed that a number of my dabs tasted a tad hot or slightly burned, similar to hitting a red hot titanium nail. I adjusted for the rest of my dabbing, and I would certainly say the ceramic transfers the heat throughout the nail, better than titanium.

 One side note about ceramic nails is that they need to be “cleaned” after use. After you dab using the nail, a brown area stays on the nail, where you put your oil. This brown is removed once the nail is heated back up again.  Cleaner oils leave much less residue behind, however I found that the residue heated off very easily each time.

The only main negative I found with the nail, was that I have an incredibly hard time getting it off of my piece after use. It seemed to almost be securely stuck on the stem of my piece, I ended up having to heat the nail up quite a bit to get it to release enough to pull off my piece. I would strongly recommend using a drop down adaptor or any adaptor when using a ceramic nail. 

In terms of every day use, I would say titanium is all the around performance nail that you should use. However, if you are looking for a more unique setup, I would certainly recommend a Hive Ceramic Nail, just don’t forget the adaptor.

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