History of the Cannabis Cup


Published: 01/28/2016

by Christian Trout


History of the Cannabis Cup

History of the Cannabis Cup


Before we can talk about the Cannabis Cup we have to talk about the creator of it all. Tom Forcade was a smart guy. He was so smart that he graduated college in 2 years. He was headed for success until he witnessed one of his friends get beat up by a police officer.


Forcade Decided he was going to join the Counter Culture Revolution. He started a commune and a psychedelic literary magazine called “Opheus.” He later moved to New York to “organize the underground press.”


In 1974 Forcade started a magazine called High Times. This magazine ran articles about medicinal marijuana while also ridiculing the DEA and it’s “War on Drugs.” By 1977 High Times had more than 500,000 copies in circulation a month and was approaching $10 million in revenue.


In 1988 Steven Hager was hired as an editor at High Times and was sent to Amsterdam to do an article about the first dutch seed merchant. The merchant, Neval, had become a millionaire through his seed business.


After the article was published Hager started to put together the Cannabis Cup. It consisted of 3 seed companies and 3 judges. The winner was Skunk #1 by Cultivators Choice.


Seed companies were being forced underground because of the DEA’s Operation Green Merchant. By 1992 the 4th Cannabis Cup had became a coffee house crawl.


The 6th Cannabis Cup was open to the public and hosted 50 judges. This was also the first time that seed companies and coffee houses competed for different awards.


The Cannabis Cup started drawing bigger and bigger crowds. People from all over the world were attending. In 1995 big news outlets, like BBC and 60 Minutes, were showing up to document the festivities.


In 2010 the Cannabis Cup was hosted in the United States for the for time. High Times now holds the Cup in California, Colorado, Michigan, Washington and for the first time there will be a Cannabis Cup held in Portland, Oregon


The Cannabis Cup is a great way for stoners to get together and celebrate something they love: Dank Nugs.

Cannabis Cup Website http://www.cannabiscup.com/


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