Healing Treehouse Review


Published: 11/10/2011

by David A


Walking into a new dispensary can be a nerve-racking experience for medical marijuana patients.  Similar to visiting the doctor, patients are often nervous when picking up their medication from an unknown provider.  Dispensaries are often stigmatized by society to be viewed as “dangerous” or “illegal,” engulfing medical marijuana patients in fear & shame.

The Healing Treehouse, a dispensary conveniently located in Claremont, San Diego, is a prime example to signify the amount of health & wellness that is derived from medical marijuana.  Paul (22) Trevor (21),  & Lauren (19) are the owners of “The Healing Treehouse.”  They have all been best friends since their childhood, in which they have consistently had similar interests.

Trevor decided to pursue the medical marijuana industry with his sister, Lauren, in the beginning of this year.  Paul was working at Starbucks when Trevor approached him about opening a dispensary, but their non-profit organization did not get the push that it needed, until tragedy hit their tight knit family.

“It wasn’t until my Aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer that I truly understood the health benefits that medical marijuana can have on patients.  There was not one pharmaceutical drug that aided my Aunt with her symptoms, but medical marijuana has incredibly helped her with the pain that comes from cancer.”  It was obvious from Paul’s anecdote about his Aunt that marijuana is much more than society’s stigmatized beliefs about the medication.

Although tragedies can greatly affect the dynamics of a family, Paul, Trevor, & Lauren understood that their Aunt’s diagnosis was a blessing in disguise, pushing them to open “The Healing Treehouse” with business ethics similar to Starbucks Coffee & the compassion one would find in a tight-knit family.

When asking Trevor to name three adjectives to describe his dispensary, he replied “Friendliness, Cleanliness, & Efficiency.”  Paul furthered this description, focusing on the idea of their dispensary being “family-oriented.”  The owners have their business ethics focused on making patients feel welcome and safe in their dispensary.  “The Healing Treehouse” has both off-site security cameras & an alarm system designated in their collective.

Not only do the owners want patients to feel safe and secure, but they also love to educate patients about specific strains of marijuana or types of edibles that help specific health-related symptoms!  The owners are serene and understanding with patients, never making them feel rushed or uncomfortable.  In fact, the owners love it when patients admire the beautiful artwork on their walls by Celeste Byers!

With all of the legal issues surrounding medical marijuana currently, I had to ask the owners what type of change they hope to make through their dispensary.  Trevor confidently replied, without any hesitance, “The Healing Treehouse wants marijuana to get away from all of the negative stereotypes.  Marijuana is a valuable medicine, not a recreational drug.” “The Healing Treehouse” is especially a dispensary like none other because of their amazing donation prices & high-quality medicine.  They constantly have two great deals, which are the “Buy One Get One” (BOGO) & "Buy 5 8th’s, Get 6th Free."

What separates this dispensary from the rest is the quality of medicine they offer for both of these great deals.  Although the BOGO deal is only available for select strains, the medicine offered for the deal is absolutely AMAZING!!!  I donated $40 for an 8th of their heavy indica “Bamboo,” and in return was also given an 8th of their high-grade sativa “Green Crack.” Not only are prices reasonable at “The Healing Treehouse,” but all of their medicine is magnificent to help with all different types of medical issues!

This dispensary is definitely budget-friendly.  Their “Buy 5 8th’s, Get 6th Free” promotion includes all of their strains of marijuana.  To simply describe their deal, a patient will have received a total of 38.5 grams for the donation price of 17.5 grams by the time they complete this great offer!

For patients that are not fond of inhaling their medicine, “The Healing Treehouse” offers great donation prices on edibles made by the companies “Outer Galaxy” and “Yack.”  While “Outer Galaxy” focuses on sweet lollipops and delicious cookies, “Yack” has both sativa & indica pills that patients love!

From entering “The Healing Treehouse” all of the way to leaving with your medication, the owners make each and every patient feel individually taken care of with both their budget and patient’s medical symptoms in mind.  At this dispensary, you are cared for in a safe environment by a trustworthy staff.  Upon wrapping up our interview, I realized that my car battery had died.  Without even asking, Paul & Trevor were there to aid me to get my car working again while Lauren enjoyed a casual conversation with my girlfriend.  This is the type of companionship that all owners of dispensaries should have with their patients.