Haze Dual V3 Portable Vaporizer Preview and Review by JT


Published: 09/10/2015

by JT


Haze V3 Vaporizer Review

PRODUCT: Haze V3 Portable Vaporizer

COMPANY: Haze Technologies

WEBSITE: www.hazevaporizers.com



Hey NUGS.COM family,  today I have the pleasure of bringing you a sneak peak at the ALL NEW HAZE DUAL 3 portable vaporizer.

Some of you may have read my review on the original Haze Dual where I expressed a few small concerns with the unit and Haze assures me that all of those issues have been addressed with this new V3!

Soo at 1st glance the unit was pretty much the same as the original.   Then after you get into it you realize all the small changes to the unit.  

The biggest problem I had with the original Haze was that the mouth piece would get stuck in the air passage.  I actually broke my glass mouthpiece off in the unit trying to get it out with the tweezers that come with the unit.  Also the mouthpiece would constantly slide down into the unit while in use.  

These issues have now all been resolved.  They have redesigned the mouthpiece with a lip on the top to prevent it from getting stuck.  Also the mouthpiece fits much better and no longer slides down into the unit.  

The other issues was the the battery cover would open during use.  This use to happen almost every time I used the original after a few months of use and only got worse.  Now to be honest I'd like to say that this was no longer an issue but my battery cover still pops open from time to time.  Usually when I'm passing it to someone or putting it down.  Not sure if it's just an issue with this particular unit or if more work is required in this area.


Now for the fun stuff...riding clouds!!  This unit produces great tasting, thick and rich clouds. The vapor is not too hot and definitely gets you right in the lungs.  Great rips with very little draw restriction.  

I prefer to vape dry herbs in my V3 as I just really like how it preforms with that medium but it does vape oils and concentrates very well.  The new silicone top design makes for a far less messy experience then with the original unit.  The rips are great as well as the clouds and taste, I just find it clogs the unit up faster.  

The unit comes with a number of screens or cans that you can choose to vape with.  I found that with the original unit that the cans, that at the time we're meant for concentrates worked best for me with dry herbs.  Now I find I like the conduction screen best for my herbs. But Haze proving that they listen to their customers created a metal screen for the cans to improve air flow for dry herb consumption.

I would also like to mention that it will also work with e-juice but I did not test it that way to give it a proper review.

I get about 2 sessions per charge as far as battery life goes and that's vaping both bowls both sessions.  The big plus is of course that the batteries are replaceable soo when 1 has run its course there is another to throw in and keep riding clouds.  

Another nice touch is that the battery charger itself has a USB port that you can plug your cell phone into and use as a mobile power supply.  These guys think of everything!

Cleaning the unit is a snap and with the new alcohol iso resistant finish you don't have to worry about ruining the aesthetics of the unit.

Now Haze offers an amazing 10 yr warranty on the unit.  This shows me that they are a company willing to stand behind thier product.

They also have a Pay It Forward Upgrade Program in place for Haze owners.  For a one time fee of $99 you can get unlimited upgrades for all new releases and your old unit will be donated to patients in need.  A super awesome program in my opinion and one you would be foolish to not take advantage of.

All in all I really love this product.  It's versatility, pocketablilty, convenient dual bowls and vape quality make this a super kool unit to have in my arsenal of vaporizers.  I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who wants something that is great for being out and about and used on the fly.  

I would like to thank the people at Haze for striving to improve your product and earning the the status of being JT APPROVED!!

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