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Kandy Alien OG Strain Review

Published: 09/30/2015 by JakeC in Strain Reviews

The cannabis strain Kandy Alien OG (Alien X OG Kush ) from Mile High Green Cross of Denver Colorado. Tested by JakeC of

Kosher Kush Strain Review and Information

Published: 06/03/2014 by Sto Nedagain in Strain Reviews

The award winning medical marijuana strain Kosher Kush, tested, photographed and reviewed for by the great Sto Nedagain.

King Henry OG : Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Published: 03/06/2013 by Sto Nedagain in Strain Reviews

A strain review of the very popular, sought after medical marijuana strain King Henry, by Sto Nedagain senior writer and spiritual MMJ guru of

A review of the stanky, (In a good way) medical marijuana strain Ken's Granddaddy Purple. Tested and reviewed by Sto Nedagain, spiritual and medical marijuana guru of