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Freddie Kane OG

Published: 02/10/2015 by Dank Aaron in Celebrity

Whether a fan of the Freddie's music or the Mary Jane movement, Freddie Kane OG will definitely have both communities buzzing about this Loompa Farms creation. Keep calm and hit this Freddie Kane OG

The new medical marijuana strain Flyin Hawaiian (Super Skunk x Hawaiian Cross) reviewed by's very first writer Dank Aaron.

Fruity Pebbles OG Strain Review

Published: 08/01/2014 by E. Williams in Strain Reviews

Fruity Pebbles OG medical marijuana strain review and information. Vibrant green nugs with plenty of orange hair highlights. Has a smell of fruity cookies that is subtle and not too overwhelming.

Fruity Loops Rice Crispy Edible Review

Published: 01/16/2014 by MrCalismoke in Medical Marijuana

A Tasty Fruity Loops Rice Crispy MMJ Edible Review.