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Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Review

Published: 12/29/2015 by JakeC in Pictures

Cannatonic strain review from Pink House Cherry dispensary in Denver Colorado. Genetics: MK Ultra x G13

Chem Dawg #4 Strain Review

Published: 10/13/2015 by JakeC in Pictures

Strain review of a cross breed from the original ChemDawg cannabis strain. JakeC reviews Chem Dawg #4 from Lodo Wellness Center in Denver Colorado.

Cracker Jack Strain Review

Published: 03/09/2015 by iRiE n8 in Strain Reviews

Medical marijuana strain review of Cracker Jack by iRiE n8 for Jack Herer X Green Crack, to of our favorite strains.

Candy Cane Strain Review and Grow Report From Crop King Seeds by JT. The taste is also very sweet and citrus like and the smoke is thick and rich.

Creamsicle Strain Review

Published: 02/18/2015 by Inhalexhalerepeat in Strain Reviews

Medical marijuana strain review of Creamsicle. Uplifting cannabis sativa nugs. Orange Crush X Juicy Fruit

Medical marijuana strain review of Cannatonic #4. A cross between MK ultra and G-13 haze. CBD can be up to 25%.

Chocolate Fondue medical marijuana strain review and information. Tested by cannabis expert Abbey for Genetics: Exodus UK Cheese x Chocolope, THC: 17%

Critical Jack Strain Review

Published: 06/04/2014 by GrassIsGreener in Pictures

Review of the medical marijuana strain Critical Jack. Name: Dinafem Critical Jack - Dinafem Seed Company. Genetics: Critical Plus x Jack Herer (sativa dominant hybrid)

CBD : An Unconventional Therapy

Published: 03/24/2014 by Reb Green in Activism

A mother shares her daughter Haley's journey living with a genetic disorder that causes daily uncontrollable seizures and the road they have taken to improve Haley's quality of life through CBD treatment.

Critical Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Published: 02/28/2014 by Comfortably Numb in Strain Reviews

Medical marijuana review of the strain Critical. A great strain for growing and smoking. Yield is high and so is the buzz.