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Get medical marijuana recipes at  From classic pot brownies and cannabutter to cannabis cookies, weed edibles, and ganja bread.


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Super Green Nugs Hummus Recipe

Published: 08/17/2015 by Bita Miranda Hunt in Recipes

A medical marijuana hummus recipe made with cannabis olive oil.

Snack-Moi Sain (granola) Medical Marijuana Recipe

Published: 05/12/2014 by Moitle, a.k.a., Tracey Greig in Recipes

Have you ever read the label on packaged granola? I challenge you to find a single manufactured granola snack that is as good for you as this one. Medical marijuana granola snack recipe.

Space Cakes : Medical Marijuana Recipe

Published: 02/14/2012 by Soilent Green in Recipes

Space Cakes Medical Marijuana Recipe.