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Get medical marijuana recipes at  From classic pot brownies and cannabutter to cannabis cookies, weed edibles, and ganja bread.


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Medicated Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Published: 04/28/2016 by Cheryl in Recipes

Medicated hybrid canna Italian chicken Parmesan recipe by Cheryl for

Super Green Nugs Hummus Recipe

Published: 08/17/2015 by Bita Miranda Hunt in Recipes

A medical marijuana hummus recipe made with cannabis olive oil.

Homemade Cannabis Sun Tea Recipe

Published: 08/05/2015 by Cheryl in Recipes

How to make a great cannabis infused sun tea at home. Do it yourself medibles. Medical marijuana tea by Cheryl.

Medicated Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Published: 07/25/2015 by Cheryl in Recipes

Medibles recipe of the classic rice crispy treats using cannabutter. Cannabis infused snacks.

Bohémienne With Ganja Oil Recipe

Published: 04/04/2015 by Bita Miranda Hunt in Recipes

Bohémienne Medible Recipe made with ganja oil by wellness consultant and chef Bita Miranda Hunt.

Banana Yogurt Hemp Bread Recipe

Published: 03/22/2015 by Miranda Hunt in Recipes

A new take on an old banana bread recipe. This Banana yogurt hemp bread recipe is packed full of nutrients and taste great too.

Edible Oils Recipe by Wellness On The Run- iRiE n8

Marimomma’s Meatloaf Recipe - Medicated Protein Extreme!

Published: 01/22/2015 by Kristin Cerda in Recipes

Medicated meatloaf recipe from Marimomma for Very high in protein. Have fun with it.

MMJ Zany Zucchini Lasagne Recipe

Published: 08/02/2014 by Moitle in Recipes

Marijuana medicated Zany Zucchini Lasagne recipe. Enjoy your cannabis via gourmet meals.

Medical Marijuana Oatmeal Dream Cookies Recipe

Published: 06/09/2014 by Moitle, a.k.a., Tracey Greig in Recipes

Medical Marijuana Oatmeal Dream Cookies Recipe. Made with canna butter for MMJ use.