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A MMJ Edibles Review by Sto of: Big Sexy’s Sinful Sweets Medical Bakery' Natural Satisfaction (Granola), located in Los Angeles California. Established and running strong since 2005.

A product review of 2K Diffuser Beads, the ultimate water pipe accessory.

The Side Winder is the product of ingenuity and sleek design and provides for a surprisingly smooth smoking experience. At first glance, the sidewinder doesn’t look like a pipe at all (more like a light-saber!). This may have something to do with....

A exclusive interview with world famous hip hop recording artist and lyrical genius Ditch by Heady Eddie.

The EHLE 500ml Bent Neck - Glass Waterpipe Review

Published: 10/09/2011 by Brother GreenLove in Product Reviews

The Ehle 500mL Bent Neck is a beautiful, versatile and above all else affordable waterpipe. It is a perfect daily driver and performs very well with a multitude of different attachments and ashcatchers. For a simple clear b

Yak Capsules aren't like your local collective's hash oil pills. They are made using cannabutter and grape seed oil with buds by machine. They might not be as strong as some local favorites, but they are a lot more affordable.....