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Weed Wipes Resin Remover Review

Published: 07/17/2015 by JT in Product Reviews

Pipe, Bong and general smoking / vaporizing accessory cleaner WeedWipes review. Our writer JT puts this glass cleaner to the test with his dirty bong.

Ascent by DaVinci

Published: 05/13/2015 by Ajay P in Product Reviews

This Ascent by DaVinci vape is probably the best portable dry herb vape on the market.

Spider COB 9 cannabis grow light introduction by JT for Manufactured by Twighlight Group

JT reviews Anonymousbags, the 420 storage bags that keep your meds safe for home or travel. Locking and reusable.

Helix Classic Review

Published: 04/05/2015 by SeanM in Product Reviews

Helix Classic marijuana glass pipe review by Grav Labs. Scientifically designed to cool your nugs smoke.

Pax Vaporizer Review

Published: 03/27/2015 by SeanM in Product Reviews

The Pax personal vaporizer is stealth and powerful. "Perfectly designed to fit into your pocket" Pax flower vape review.

microG Vaporizer Review

Published: 03/23/2015 by Dignan Green in Product Reviews

A deeper look into the microG Vaporizer, the small portable vape pen with a big hit punch.

The hand held portable vaporizer Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser is reviewed by Nugs writer JT. The Air is super user friendly with one button operation.

Kushtown USA Has Some Very Cool Medibles

Published: 03/12/2015 by iRiE n8 in Product Reviews

A closer look at KushTown USA and their cannabis infused drinks and edibles. Marijuana soda, bbq sauce, hot sauce and water.

Greengo Grinder product review. reports on the best smoking accessories in the medical marijuana industry. This eco-friendly grinder is light, affordable and mother earth friendly.