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.The Roll-uh-Bowl Review. Roll-uh-Bowl™ is an easy to store foldable, portable silicone water pipe.

Medical Marijuana Edibles Review Bhang Bar

Published: 12/07/2014 by Dank Aaron in Product Reviews

Bhang Bar medical marijuana edibles review.

Bee Line Hemp Wick Review

Published: 10/25/2014 by EST 1977 in Hemp

Review of the Bee Line brand hemp wick product. A great alternative to smoking nugs without a lighter or matches.

The Kind Pen v2 reviewed for by Wake n Blake of Colorado. He highly recommends this personal vaporizer pen for your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis needs. Wax, nugs, and oil cartridges included.

Cloud Penz 2.0 Review

Published: 07/17/2014 by WakenBlake in Product Reviews

A nice review of the wonderful and popular vape pen Cloud Penz 2.0. Photographed and reviewed by WakenBlake for

Hive Ceramic Nail Product Review

Published: 06/15/2014 by Joe Sousa in Product Reviews

A product review of the Hive ceramic nail for concentrates. The first all natural, food and medical grade ceramic vaporization tool. Purity matters, so check out Hive.

A nice review of the glass pipe friendly ash tray: Tap Dat Ash, with storage slots for your dabbers, slides, pens, and other smoking accessories. The soft silicone design is least likely to break your glass pipe during a tap out session.

A nice review of the awesome portable vaporizer Zen Pen. The future of cannabis consumption is here.

A review of The Chromium Crusher, a very nice and cheap grinder for your dank nugs. Makes for a great gift, even for yourself.

A Smokebuddy smoke odor eliminating device review. Smoke buddy is a buddy for smokers. Personal air filter.