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Are you ready to delve into the ancient mysteries of Mayan mystique? Take a journey into the past with me on my Mayan Mystery Dab Rig Review

Review of Grav Labs ergonomic Modern Sherlock

Review of the short but sassy Mini Silicone Dab Rig, for the on-the-go dabber.

microG Vaporizer Review

Published: 03/23/2015 by Dignan Green in Product Reviews

A deeper look into the microG Vaporizer, the small portable vape pen with a big hit punch.

Medical Marijuana Edibles Review Bhang Bar

Published: 12/07/2014 by Dank Aaron in Product Reviews

Bhang Bar medical marijuana edibles review.

Magical Butter Review

Published: 01/30/2014 by JasonM in Product Reviews

A review of the award wining botanical extractor Magical Butter.

MMJ Edible Review: The Hubby Bar

Published: 10/04/2013 by Sto Nedagain in Product Reviews

Information on one of the most potent edibles on the MMJ market today The Hubby Bar, reviewed and written by Sto Nedagain.

This article is a review of some wonderful edibles called Magic Muffins which are excellent to relieve anxiety and stress.

Microbrewed Fertilizer : Product Review

Published: 02/11/2012 by Your Bud Ben in Grow Tips

Microbrewed Fertilizer is one of the best Fertilzer lines out there if you ask me. I loved running this stuff in my test garden so much it made it into the main garden.

A MMJ Edibles Review by Sto of: Big Sexy’s Sinful Sweets Medical Bakery' Natural Satisfaction (Granola), located in Los Angeles California. Established and running strong since 2005.