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Take a sneak peak preview of the Haze Technology's new portable flower vaporizer Dual V3. This double chamber vape is stealth and powerful for you dankest nugs.

Helix Classic Review

Published: 04/05/2015 by SeanM in Product Reviews

Helix Classic marijuana glass pipe review by Grav Labs. Scientifically designed to cool your nugs smoke.

The Haze Dual Bowl Portable Vaporizer reviewed by JT for Nugs. Four heat settings, dry nugs and concentrates.

Hive Ceramic Nail Product Review

Published: 06/15/2014 by Joe Sousa in Product Reviews

A product review of the Hive ceramic nail for concentrates. The first all natural, food and medical grade ceramic vaporization tool. Purity matters, so check out Hive.

Hemp Wick: Novelty or Necessity?

Published: 05/20/2013 by Peter Smagacz in Product Reviews

The benefits of smoking nugs with a hemp wick versus a butane lighter.