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Head Band Shatter Medical Marijuana Extract Review

Published: 10/02/2014 by Sto Nedagain in Strain Reviews

In-depth Medical Extract review of the Cousin of OGKush, Head-Band.. Nug run. By; Sto Nedagain Medical Marijuana Expert and Journalist for the people, One Love!

Homemade Smoking Devices, Gravity Bong and Hot Knives

Published: 04/09/2012 by Eva Smokes ALOT in FAQ

How to prepare a few of the best homemade smoking devices, the gravity bong and hot knives.

Herijuana : Strain Review

Published: 03/05/2012 by RyanK in Medical Marijuana

A medical marijuana strain review of Herijuana for by RyanK.

How to Make Medical Grade Hash Oil

Published: 02/22/2012 by Sto Nedagain in FAQ

How to Make Medical Grade Hash Oil, THC Concentration 75+% - 100% THC. Step by Step on how to make medical grade hash oil from isoproplal alcohol and ground up nugs or trimmings.