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Girl Scout OG Extract Review, Shatter NugRun

Published: 07/20/2014 by Sto Nedagain in Pictures

Review of the THC concentrate GirlScout OG Shatter by Sto Nedagain. NugRun

Gods Gift Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Published: 01/17/2014 by Dallas Phillips in Medical Marijuana

Gods Gift MMJ strain information. This was one of my favorite nugs ever, to this date. Found at H.S.C. in Lomita, CA. -Dallas

Green Goblin Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Published: 01/15/2014 by MrCalismoke in Medical Marijuana

A MMJ Strain review on a all around positive Sativa named Green Goblin.

Green Crack Strain Review

Published: 08/20/2013 by Dallas Phillips in Pictures

A medical marijuana strain review of the powerful sativa Green Crack by Dallas Phillips for

A medical marijuana strain review of the very dank Grape Kush by MMJ enthusiast / grower HillsideHippie of Denver Colorado.

These are all 100% tried and true grow tips that if followed will give you a great garden. Photos of plants and nugs all grown by me following laws of prop215 with a proper up to date Dr.s Recomendation at all times. Enjoy and good luck! -Sto