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Interviews with activist and celebrities in the marijuana and hemp community.

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Just after Maryland decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana, Frank Wu of College Park interviews a street police officer about the new law.

Boom Felazi Glass Blower Interview

Published: 09/19/2014 by Agram Ofdank in Interviews

An interview of expert glass blower Boom Felazi by Agram Ofdank for

The War on Growing Cannabis (John Vet)

Published: 07/30/2014 by Brent May in Activism

Every one that has grown cannabis knows that stress involved not only due to growing but from law enforcement holding us back. This is a short interview I conducted with a very caring man that was just growing nugs for his own needs and was raided...

Get Up Stand Up

Published: 06/03/2014 by Ryan Wolfson in Activism

The unnecessary, difficult, true story about unjust & unfair behaviors going on in the USA. A voice for people who deal with all, some or similar troubles yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Epilepsy and marijuana. interviews the worlds most popular 420 drag queen Laganja Enstraja from Ru Paul's Drag Race, by Michael Teague.

CBD : An Unconventional Therapy

Published: 03/24/2014 by Reb Green in Activism

A mother shares her daughter Haley's journey living with a genetic disorder that causes daily uncontrollable seizures and the road they have taken to improve Haley's quality of life through CBD treatment.

Propaganda and Pot: The High Cost of Prohibition

Published: 02/07/2014 by Reb Green in Activism

Kat, a mother of 3, talks about her usage of MMJ in Kansas, where it is not only still illegal, but punishments for possession are very harsh. She reflects on how the social stigma keeps her from speaking out for fear of losing her kids and job.

The Death of Marijuanas Ignorance

Published: 01/29/2014 by Daniel Rathbone in Activism

This article hits on all the current hot topics of Marijuana being legal for recreational use, as well as a brief history and description on why it was even made illegal in the first place.

A Look at Rain City Medical in Seattle

Published: 04/23/2013 by Dustin M. S. in Dispensary Reviews

When it comes to acquiring medication, having the right place to go can make all the difference. At Rain City Medical, they are paving the way for offering high quality medication at low prices offering the best value possible for their patients.

Cloneville Seattle

Published: 04/16/2013 by Dustin M. S. in Celebrity

Cloneville Seattle is a collective originating in southern California. The owners have many years of experience growing and breeding making their genetics top shelf.