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Marijuana Use in the NBA

Published: 06/01/2017 by Doug Mackar in Celebrity

This past December, Golden State Warriors head coach (and reigning NBA Coach of the Year) Steve Kerr, told Monte Poole, host of The Warriors Insider Podcast, that he had tried marijuana in hopes of relieving his chronic back pain.

Freddie Kane OG

Published: 02/10/2015 by Dank Aaron in Celebrity

Whether a fan of the Freddie's music or the Mary Jane movement, Freddie Kane OG will definitely have both communities buzzing about this Loompa Farms creation. Keep calm and hit this Freddie Kane OG

The Mystery of the Hemp Car

Published: 06/09/2014 by Elissa Kinsey in Celebrity

A look in to the misconception of Henry Ford's "Hemp Car" that ran on "Hemp Fuel".

Nugs for the NFL, Football and Marijuana

Published: 02/12/2014 by Puddin’ Stein in Celebrity

There has been much talk and debate about the legalization of marijuana in every sector of American society, including football. The NFL and its players have long been speculated on their attitudes towards nugs & dabs and what the implications are.

Cloneville Seattle

Published: 04/16/2013 by Dustin M. S. in Celebrity

Cloneville Seattle is a collective originating in southern California. The owners have many years of experience growing and breeding making their genetics top shelf.

The DoubleShow : Part 2 of President Obama DoubleSpeak

Published: 08/07/2012 by Theodore Hartman in Activism

This article is a follow up to Presidential doublespeak. Some of the actions and rumors that have been going around lately warranted a continued look into the medicinal and legalization communities and how the president will win their support .......

Presidential DoubleSpeak - Obama on Cannabis

Published: 05/07/2012 by Theodore Hartman in Medical Marijuana

Article about The President's statements in a recent Rolling Stone article, as well as his statements at the Summit of the America's, and how all the president's statements concerning medicinal cannabis has been doublespeak.

The raid of Oaksterdam University and Richard Lee, and the telling signs such a raid conveys about the Federal Government's intentions with the crackdown.

History of American Potheads

Published: 03/02/2012 by Alynna in Celebrity

A history of pot in the United States, from the Jamestown stoners to modern medical marijuana tokers.

Snoop Dogg Arrested in Texas

Published: 01/31/2012 by Soilent Green in Celebrity

Snoop Dogg Arrested in Texas by's Soilent Green.