Grandfather Clock Water Pipe by Illuminati Glass


Published: 10/13/2017

by Doug Mackar


The Grandfather Clock Water Pipe by Illuminati Glass is a stunning example of the care and craftsmanship that Illuminati Glass puts in all of their pipes. All of the artwork on the outside of the pipe is etched into the glass, including the logo on the neck. The gold accents at the base of the colored version shine like sunlight and the logo and clock design on the back of the pipe is nothing less than spectacular. Even the percolator in the lower chamber has a clock design formed into the glass itself. You can feel the quality of this pipe when you hold it in your hand, and oh yeah, it smokes like a dream.


The bottom chamber feeds into the clock UFO perc and then up into a matrix dome perc before passing past the face of the clock itself and out the neck. This pipe hits as smooth as they come. Truly a work of art, functional art, designed to Elevate Your Mind to Inner Realms and Spaces of Higher Consciousness. Illuminati Glass has done it again. Handmade in New York.


This pipe is made from clear borosilicate glass. One version for sale has frosted accents on the base and clock face; aqua blue accents on the base, UFO perc, bowl piece handle, top of the matrix dome perc, and mouthpiece; and gold accented gear engravings amongst its frosted portions. Another version for sale is frosted and clear borosilicate glass only.


Want to see it in action? Take a peek at this video review by Smoking With Style