Gemini Feed Dual-Action Recycler Pipe Review


Published: 07/01/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


Understated and overperforming, the Gemini Feed’s visual simplicity belies the complex engineering that earned it its name. On it’s face, this looks like an average, if snazzily suited water pipe. A long, narrow mouthpiece extends upwards from the topmost chamber to your lips, and conical chambers and glass bowls lend an hourglass-like figure to its silhouette. To get the skinny on how this slender glass stack works, however, let’s start from the top - which brings us to the bottom of the pipe.

First thing you’re going to notice when you take a closer look at the Gemini is the peculiar arrangement of the showerhead perc down in the bottom chamber. For those that aren’t percolator experts, let me fill you in - the thing’s stuck on backwards! From the get go this pipe’s built all wrong, but don’t get too carried away, because it smokes all too right. Bear with me. There’s another oddity you’ll notice, looking at the inverse showerhead perc in the bottom chamber. Within the glass column, sits another glass tube, hanging all the way down from the topmost chamber of the pipe. These nested tubes, friends, are the lynchpin that brings this unusual pipe together - the internal recycler.

See, the airflow first passes into the bottom chamber through through the stemless joint, where it is drawn up through that reversed showerhead percolator directly into the third chamber via the special internal recycler pipe that traverses the piece. The direct line of suction from the mouthpiece traces all the way down, drawing air up into the central pipe rather than the wider glass tube encasing it, that leads to the second chamber. From the top, smoke gathers and is split between the mouthpiece and the external recycler, which draws it down into second chamber. Here, the smoke pools, and is sucked back through the showerhead perc to recycle through filtration. This smoke is then pulled back up through the internal pipe to repeat the process, mixing with more lightly filtered smoke to produce a full-bodied hit that has a robust flavor profile of stronger and weaker smoke, delivering a hit like no other pipe can hope to.

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