Freddie Kane OG


Published: 02/10/2015

by Dank Aaron


Freddie Kane OG

I've been hearing about the Freddie Kane OG for last few weeks, so when I heard it was coming to the shelves of our collective(Varieties For Life), I was pretty excited.  The strain was created by a respected collective of growers called Loompa Farms.   They are located in northern California and are responsible for quite a few popular strains in today's market.  Freddie actually stopped by to give us some Loompa love and get us buzzing.

The taste brings an immediate notice of a stronger indica OG. As I tried to put my finger on what distinct taste came to mind, I soon noticed this long thought process was actually an early sign of this strain doing its' job. Spacey feelings were beginning within just a couple of tokes  As I picked up on a light tingle distantly setting in, I decided to take a moment and go outside and see how it would perform in action.   I'm glad that I put this down for a little bit because I actually am buzzing pretty nicely as I stroll along the sidewalk.  My brain had obviously been captured by tie dye ninjas disguised as THC. Oh well. No need to waive the white flag.  This trip has been kind so far.

The Head tingle continued. After a personal pan pizza and chilled juices, I was back to baking. Fire it up!

Once again I'm inhaling,as few more tokes were taken, light headed space exploration was cruising its way back into my consciousness.  Nothing like inhaling on a full stomach.  My body was satisfied and my mind was open.  As the evening set in, and the joint went out I can say the buzz lasted for a little over an hour.  This is definitely one of those creep on you type of buzzes so watch your tokes.  I Highly recommend this strain for those with insomnia or just way too much energy.

When smoked in moderation I can see the Freddie Kane OG, putting your day on smooth cruise control.  Yet, if consumed to completion could result in skipping a day of the week. Just make sure you skip a day your not working on.

  Whether a fan of the Freddie's music or the Mary Jane movement, Freddie Kane OG will definitely have both communities buzzing about this Loompa Farms creation. "Keep calm and hit this Freddie Kane OG"



Loompa Farms

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