Extract Review, Strain: Strawberry Diesel


Published: 09/24/2013

by Sto Nedagain


Extract Strain Reviewed, purchased by donation, with proper, up to date state card and doctor’s recommendation. Written with up-most care and love, for Knowledge to the people, by Sto Nedagain of OrganicWeedMaps.com and freelance writer etc.

Extract Strain: Strawberry-Diesel; Sativa Dominant, very High THC% and low CBD% 

Color: Neon yellow-Lemon Yellow, (In some spots it looks close to colors Gold/White)

Purge: Near Perfect, no throat bite, like extracts that still contain solvent.

Taste: Strawberry Mint, very smooth. The taste and quality of this particular batch of Strawberry Diesel extract is near top quality, if anything it could have been purged a little bit more. Some people think that it should be melted into an Amber Glass.

Cure 1-10: 7

Pain killing effect: 5

Sleep Aid: 3Potency: 7

Duration: 3-6 Hours with hours of relaxation afterwards.

Effects: It hits your brain almost instantly giving you instant effects. The longer you inhale the more the effects increase, causing more and more euphoria. Sometimes it may be too intense. When the euphoria fades away, it starts to turn into a positive mental state and numbing feelings from head to toe. Very Potent!

Medical effects: This aids most patients due to its high cannabinoid extraction. The only patient’s it may cause adverse effects to, are patients who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, etc. These side effects will become enjoyable after the patient has built up a tolerance to extracts, allowing the full medicinal effect to occur.