Extract Review: Jack Herer x CatPiss (JackPiss)


Published: 04/15/2013

by Sto Nedagain


Jack Piss Wax Review

Extract Name: JackPiss

Genetics/Lineage Used for extract: Cannabis Sativa Dominant, (Jack Herer x Cat Piss)

Extract Potency and Duration: 8; Duration; 4-6 Hours, very potent!

Aroma: The aroma of the JackPiss Crumble is Intoxicating in itself. Always keep meds away from children, especially when it resembles the aroma and may look like some sort of tropical fruit candy.

Taste: This particular batch has an amazing taste of eucalyptus and herbal candy.

Quality and Cure: The color is ideal when processing extracts, this bright Gold/Yellow means the material used was covered in sappy rich trichomes. It has a perfect cure and can easily be handled, without it getting stuck to your fingers. I use a flat glass tool and “Drop Dab” onto a titanium nail. Purer titanium nails work the best, but are expensive, around $100 if it’s real. Titanium alloys with low amounts of titanium can and will release a harmful gas when constantly heated and cooled.

Effects: Waves of positive energy wash over your mind and soul, leaving you with cerebral rushes of energy and heavy, heavy euphoria, that will really tend to enhance social behavior, be careful or you might not stop talking!

Medical Use: ADHD , Anti-Depressant, enhanced social interaction, asthma, migraines, Chemotherapy aftermath, minor aches and pains, jack piss would also aid patients suffering from forms of PTSD and some people who are suffering from manic depressant disorder, JAH gave us herb to heal the people, lets partake in it!

Overall: A very potent sativa medicine used for Anti-Depression, as well as PTSD and ADHD. The color of this batch would appeal to any concentrate/extract connoisseur. The only downside to this batch is the purge, if it was purged properly you should have a smooth inhalation, nothing felt in your throat. When vaporizing the JackPiss there’s a harshness to the vapor. Other than that, this JackPiss “Crumble” was spot on.