Edible Oils Recipe by Wellness On The Run's iRiE n8


Published: 02/03/2015

by iRiE n8


Edibles Oil Recipe

Edible Oils by N8 from Wellness On The Run Recipe


-1/4 oz ground cannabis of choice
-1/8-1/4 cup of Organic Vegetable Glycerin (food grade)

Cooking Utensils

-Glass jars various sizes 
-Measuring Cup
-Lemon Press
-Pot-The one you boil water in 
-Candy Thermometer


1) Decarb cannabis prior to grinding. 200° in a convection oven for 5 min.

2) Grind cannabis finely.

3) Place cannabis into a glass jar that’s big enough to place into pot of water.

4) Pour 1/8th cup of Glycerin into the glass jar and stir with a chopstick until the Glycerin is fully mixed with the cannabis. NOTE: You can use more or less Glycerin to increase or decrease the strength. Also different strains of cannabis absorb different levels of Glycerin so you may need more. All the cannabis in the jar must be covered in the Glycerin for the extraction process to work. You can add edible concentrates like ice hash for stronger tolerances.

5) Bring a pot of water to around 200° 

6) Place lid on the jar of canna oil and place in the pot. Let the water temperature drop to 150-160 degrees for 4-5 hours.

7) Stir jar contents around or stir with chopstick every 20 min to infuse.

8) Keep an eye on the temperature and also the absorption of cannabis/glycerin. You may need to add a little more glycerin so the cannabis doesn’t absorb it all and start burning. 

9) You can burn off the potency of the cannabis if you don’t use a thermometer or forget that it’s on the stove.
10) After 4-8 hours of infusion you can let the contents cool down.

11) Use gloves for the ending steps to avoid any contamination of germs.

12) Place two layers of cheesecloth over the strainer.

13) Place strainer over jar for storing. Small jars work best.

14) Place cannabis oil over the cheesecloth. Use spatula to scrape remaining oil in jar.

15) Squeeze all the oil out of the cheesecloth and into the strainer using hands or lemon press.

16) At this point the product can be measured out and used immediately in food, vape pens, skin moisturizer, sodas etc you get the point.

This is a safe and effective way of making thc oil for edibles and vape pens using no GMOs, Co2 or especially butane which has no medicinal benefits and could be harmful to your health. This recipe can yield anything from 10-15 ml depending on how much Glycerin was used. I purchased an Oasis vape pen and ran out of the oil so I bought some T5 cartridges and filled them with my oil. You get a natural clean taste and mellow head high to keep you going thru the day. It’s discrete and you can choose your favorite strain for your specific ailments. I am proud to share this recipe and process with the entire MMJ community. Edible oils can be found at Wellness On The Run (San Diego Delivery) we have made White Dawg, Sour D, Blue Cheese, Blue Dream, Drake OG, Larry OG and other popular strains. Check out the pictures and enjoy. Stay iRiE!!!


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