Dynamo Gearhead: Fidget Spinner Water Pipe by Illuminati Glass


Published: 11/01/2017

by Spencer Grey


Illuminati Glass are known for their novel and compelling glass pieces, but the Dynamo Gearhead water pipe proves that they’re not about to stop pushing the envelope any time soon!

We can only assume you’ve heard of the fidget spinner phenomenon, whether a kid you know is into them, or you’ve taken a shine to them yourself. You can find fidget spinners gracing everything from vehicle wheels to the floors of kids’ bedrooms, but Illuminati Glass thought to put them somewhere you wouldn’t expect: world-class water pipes.

That’s right, the gear sitting atop the main body of the Dynamo Gearhead water pipe is a new take on the spinner. It’s ball bearing-mountedand totally functional, so you can spin your stress away while taking the ultra-smooth hits consistently produced by Illuminati Glass pieces.

It all starts with the unique multi-hole bowl piece. With 4 holes in the bottom, this bowl piece eliminates the need for any kind of screen, which will save you a serious amount of hassle in the long run. From there the smoke will travel through the three-ringed 90 degree intake, and diffuse through the inverse matrix perc that sits in the bottom of the chamber. Once it fills the lower portion of the chamber and moves around the glass ball, it snakes through the spinner choke and out through the mouthpiece. If you’ve got cubes rather than crushed ice, you could even use the gear choke as an ice pinch!

Aside from the power to deliver crisp, cool hits, this water pipe is a visual masterpiece. It’s clear that they’re going for the gear theme, but the design doesn’t go overboard. The base of the water pipe is a large gear that measures 4.75 inches wide and nearly a full inch tall. It makes for a strong impression, and a solid foundation for the pipe’s 13 inches of height. Its crisp lines are incredibly sharp while allowing the clarity of the glass to shine.

Illuminati went for the subtle side with the purple and black accents on this piece, which helps all the elements blend into one refined visual, with the clean gold logo bringing it all together. If you’re looking for a piece that’s got real personality without being too showy, this piece will be a hit.

This water pipe also comes in a neon green version, with a UFO-style perc in place of the inverse matrix. You can also convert it to a dab rig by picking up a couple of accessories.  

Be sure to check out our full collection of Illuminati Glass, and find your new favorite!