Double Donut Nectar Straw by Grav Labs


Published: 09/22/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


If there's one thing Grav Labs excels at, it's taking the classic pipe and paraphenelia items that moulded smoking culture and giving them a contemporary, brand name-quality facelift. True to form, the folks back at the Labs have revisited one of the first concentrate smoking tools ever concieved: the Nectar Straw. The first nectar straws were little more than (appropriately) laboratory pipettes, which were heated and dipped into concentrate much like a straw, to suck the vapor through. You'll also see them referred to as "vapor straws" for this reason. However, with the advent of modern dab rigs and nectar collectors, the use of nectar straws has fallen out of favor in light of these more specialized smoking tools. But that is all about to change.

The Double Donut Nectar Straw by Grav Labs

Here it is - the renassaince of the nectar straw. Masterfully blown by the glass artisans at Grav Labs workshops, the Double Donut Nectar Straw lives up to the hallowed history of the straws that came before - and surpasses them. The classic concentrate smoker, a nectar straw is a simple beast: heat the glass tip with a torch, and apply it to your concentrate for a slick hit without the dab. The Double Donut advances this minimalist approach to concentrate smoking by incorporating two aesthetic glass toruses, which offer a comfortable and stable grip with which to hold the piece. Get back to the roots of dabbing, and skip the hassle of a messy rig and nail. Nectar straws are back, and they're here to stay.

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