Diesel Kush : Strain Review


Published: 02/14/2012

by Rene


Diesel Kush Strain Review

Strain Review: Diesel Kush


Type: Indica


THC Level: 23%. Very high.


Good For: Serious pain, insomnia, high stress, & nausea


Genetics: This strain is derived from another Diesel strain and a Kush to make it a real solid indica. 


Looks: Buds are very thick and bushy. Covered thickly in trichomes that sparkle in the slightest light. Slightly dark and thick with some brownish hairs.  The Diesel Kush is also very dense.


Scent: The scent is sweet and refreshing.  The Diesel Kush also has a lemony and grassy smelling.  I close my eyes and am taken into nature when I smell this strain. It is such an entrancing scent and is easy to get lost in it.


Taste: The taste is initially toasty, following a refreshing taste.  The Diesel Kush tastes just like it smells!


Buzz: It took me about 8 minutes to get the first wave. There is a feeling of euphoria followed by a heavy sleepy feeling. Your whole body will feel relaxed & it’s incredibly easy to forget the last sentence you said after the first puff. It is a cerebral high that will make you think real hard, have a good laugh, or relax real well.


Overall: It is extremely easy to fall asleep when enjoying this strain, so save it for a night where you’re having trouble sleeping or dealing with extreme pain! If you’re feeling sick and feel the need for food but can’t crave it, this strain will give you the appetite you desire.