Dabba 100mg Sativa Edibles Review


Published: 12/16/2015

by @Canna_Review


Dabba Chocolate Medibles

Dabba 100mg Sativa Edibles Review


Appearance: Dabba does a good job with their packaging. The appearance of the box is clean and cool and it's very easy to get inside to the chocolate, which is wrapped in foil and sealed with a sticker reminding you that Dabba won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible in 2012. The chocolate bar itself is also well-designed with inscriptions of fan leaves, the company's name and the dosing.


Taste: I love mint chocolate. Many edibles makers use mint to cover up any marijuana taste and Dabba does this with a good amount of mint-to-chocolate ratio. The peppermint flavor itself is not the best I've had and I wonder about the quality of peppermint oil used.


Effect: I was a little disappointed that 60mg didn't have as pronounced of an effect as other edibles. To be fair, I don't usually eat Sativa-specific edibles and I may have been searching for other effects than what Sativas provide but I hardly felt it at all until I crashed at the end of the high.