Cream Soda : MMJ Strain Review


Published: 06/23/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Cream Soda

Name of strain: Cream Soda


Genetics/Lineage: 50%Sativa/Indica50% Hybrid strong relative of sour diesel.


Appearance: Lush healthy neon green golf ball size rock hard nugs That grow into medium size tightly formed Calyxes with a solid coating of visibly large headed trichomes, with light orange to pinkish stigmas.
Appearance under 100 x microscope: Trichomes Range in color from cloudy to opaque with a couple of slightly diminishing glandular heads reassuring peak thc to cbd percentage every trich head is intact on long s shaped stocks with such a high trichome count that the nugs surface is completely covered in glandular bulbous trichomes to the point that the surface isn't visible.


Aroma: Light skunky sweet pine needles with a pungent flower lemon zest aroma that permeates deep into the nostrils.


Taste on inhalation: Very deep sweet hash like with A light creamy Flower like taste.


Taste on exhalation: Taste like a hash e cream soda with very light smooth smoke that leaves a film of resin coating the inside of your mouth.


Effects: Slightly energetic for the first 30 minutes feeling more euphoric and sedative as the effects increase Slowly changing from mine effects to full mind and body relaxation without effecting your Daily activities. Great mood enhancement!


Duration: 1.5-2.5 Hours. Duration based on self medicating and testing with up to two grams used.


Medicinal Properties: Aids patients with chronic Migraines, Depression, ADD/ADHD, Nausea, minor chronic pain, muscle relaxing, Strong mood elevation, Has slight energetic properties And may aid patients with social disorders due to Cream Soda's strong mood elevation.


Overall: The medical marijuana strain cream soda would most aid medicinal marijuana patients If you are suffering from Depression, ADD/ADHD do to enhance focus. Cream Soda It's definitely a "daytime smoke" with huge sugar frosted golf ball sized nugs's Adding a great "Bag Appeal" or "Jar Appeal" Drawing in the interest of patience on lush shimmering nugs alone. Cream Soda also provided minor joint and muscle pain relief.


A Special thanks to Golden State Patients Association for providing their patients with such great quality medical marijuana at a compassionate price, helping patients one by one, always quality medication from Golden State! If you’re a medical patient in CA they can be found at 12570 Brookhurst St, #5 Garden Grove 92840. Open 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday. Phone#: (714) 530-3311 . ONE LOVE -Sto